Home Based Business Blues?

I have been doing a lot of searching and researching on Recover stolen crypto Google and Yahoo! finding information about Online Scams and MLM or Network Marketing programs.  Yes, there are so-called scams, but there are also legitimate opportunities as well.  You have to look for them and be cautious, yet be diligent to be open to seeing both sides of the coin because it is very one sided looking at the so-called helpful scam information sites which can give you the Home Based Business Blues.

In all of the so-called scam sites I searched, I found a lot of people who are just negative people and it made me feel like I was a loser for thinking there is any legitimate opportunity out there.  It was quite depressing.  To me, that is the biggest SCAM; they steal your dreams and your vision!  In fact, I had to listen to the Power of Positive Thinking to get my brain reprogrammed after the end of that! 

I have to tell you that the sites which spoke ill of online businesses, home based businesses, MLM companies, Networking companies, etc. were one sided because almost everybody and their “peanut gallery” seemed to think that just because a product or service is sold by one of those means, it is too expensive and doesn’t work or the person is taking advantage of family and friends and is just a poor sucker.  That is furthest from the truth!  A wise person once said, “Fools are always certain, but wise men leave room for doubt”. 

Is working at a job the best thing a person could do for their financial situation and does a company they work for have their best interest at heart?  For some people, “yes” for many people, “no”.  How many times have you been laid off?  A company will pay a person for their time and will determines how much to be paid, the hours when to work, when to go on vacation, and when to retire or not.  Also, there are many jobs which do not EVEN provide any benefits.

Oh, yes, and if you want to be paid more, you have to ask or wait for the annual review to hope for a raise or a promotion for your 2080+ hours of servitude each year.  That time doesn’t include your commute time either, so you can add another 500 hours.  For those working a home based business; their income and time is based upon the effort put into the program. 

Is working part-time for 2-5 years a lot of time to build up your own business?  Yes, many people will quit because their vision gets trampled on by going to family and friends or reading a negative comment on the Internet.  Yet even according to the SBA, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail within the first five years.

I have also heard and read about how products from MLM are expensive.  Yes, many are, but not all of them if a person can see the value in what they are getting.  Let me ask…Does not the large department store chains, franchises, book stores, home town retail businesses, oil companies, real estate, jewelry and furniture stores to name just a few have expensive products and services to make money.

YES!  They make an average of 60% markup or more on their products and services.  Have you been to a movie lately?  How about spending $4 for a small soda?  What about the consultant that charges $500 an hour, or the Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Financial Planner, or Mortgage Lender?  Isn’t there a value and quality to them?  I don’t hear anything about them over charging except when the bill comes due except, that’s the way it is and people accept it and pay it.

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