Architects Offer Design Build Approach to New Construction

Many Hobe Sounds architects in Reno are capable of running design build projects. For those that are not familiar with the term, “design build” is a method of construction that employs your architect as the project manager and with the proper license, the general contractor too. This role makes your architect accountable to your project budget, project deadlines, and meeting your exact project expectations.

This methodology allows a client to have one point of contact when checking on progress or raising any concerns. This means you won’t have to manage all of the many sub-contractors a larger job has, as the architect manages each phase of construction, including design, planning, building, and finish work. Architects with design build experience can assist with other aspects, such as building delays or and changes in supply prices that may affect the overall cost of the project.

Architects in Reno can save you time and money, but can be costly too. This makes it even more important to hire the right person or firm the first time. Somebody with experience supervising projects and committed to quality work that is on-time and on-budget is essential.

Design build architects in Reno first design your project and then identify which vendors they want to use. The sub-contractors are usually businesses the architect has worked with in the past. These relationships are important and ensure your project be completed on time and with the craftsmanship you expect.

It is in your architect’s best interest to make certain your project goes exactly as planned. Architects in Reno have a reputation to build and maintain. Whomever you pick will make sure your plans are followed to the letter. Design build is a popular choice among people looking to build their own property and when you find a good architect, you will be glad you chose this method of construction.

The architect who is hired for services during the construction phase will review the pay requests and make sure that what the client is getting is what is in the permitted drawings. When he/she goes to the site, the architect can make sure that what was submitted in the shop drawings is really what is being installed in the field. In addition.

The architect can make sure that the contractor is not “front-loading” the schedule of material and labor costs. Front-loading means that the contractor is trying to secretly collect more money up front by stating that items which are to be installed first actually cost more than they do. In other words, he will put in more money for the steel for the footings and the concrete than what they actually cost so that he can put more money in his pocket at the beginning of the job.

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