Why We Should All Take More Interest In Flowers

Flowers are available all year round with exotic and tropical flowers being grown under heat or imported from all pappy van winkle for sale of the world the choices are varied and affordable. There are so many different occasions when sending flowers can be apt,Why We Should All Take More Interest In Flowers Articles a thoughtful and special way to show someone you care about them or are thinking about them.

Spring flowers are epitomized by the arrival of scented narcissus, lily of the valley, Genista and lilac incorporated with daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths creations of spring bouquets and basket arrangements brighten the senses and lift the spirits. A single spring flower variety interspersed with cherry blossoms or Viburnum opulus, also known as the snowball tree, look bright and fresh in any home. Arrangements of yellow, limes and white give a clean, sharp injection of colour to awaken the senses.

An abundance of quintessentially English flowers are available in the summer. Meadow flowers such as lady’s mantle, marguerite, and campanula bring nature indoors with their delicate shades, when combined with highly scented sweet peas have a cottage garden appeal when incorporated into bouquets. Subtle shades of one colour packed tightly into basket designs are delicate yet stunning. Floaty bouquets of tall larkspur, foxgloves and highly scented stocks in similar tones bring the English garden inside and fill any room with heady aromas. Summer exotics such as foxtail lilies, polyanthus and the bright blue summer skies colour of agapanthus are vibrant and eye catching. Strong bold colours softened with wisps of grasses echoing a windy beach are a modern approach to capturing summer days. A combination of deep shades which include Mediterranean and tropical flowers remind of hot steamy summer nights and holidays. Sunflowers with their large blooms and long sturdy stems can be used to create spectacular displays, making a real statement as summer comes to a end.

Autumn brings the rich colours of yarrow, love-lies-bleeding, dahlias and red hot pokers, while cooler autumnal shades can be found in globe thistle, pretty calla lilies , sedums and obedience plants. Foliages and seed pods become increasingly interesting and tactile in the autumn. Neat, orderly arrangements displayed in square or round containers create balance and calmness in the home. Contemporary designs can be created by using sexy tones of coffee and cream, honey and ginger, whisky and wine. Indian summers using Navajo inspired earthy shades and sunset tones are a modern twist to autumn arrangements.

Banish winter blues by injecting bold, luxurious colours into any flower arrangements. Using pale frosty colours with contrasting textures or deep jewel colours create dramatic displays to enhance any home. Christmas foliage such as hollies, ivy teamed with white and cream flowers have a peaceful appeal. The poinsettia sent as a potted plant in a pretty basket is a popular Christmas plant choice.

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