What To Do On The Second Date

On the Second Date you should still be in the stage, Erfolg.dating where you don’t really know your Date, and you should still be getting to know them. Saying this, however the Second Date is not the time for night long discussions, so keep the Dates short, a maximum of 4 hours is the general rule of thumb. You don’t want you Date to think, they are being held their against their will!

You should keep it positive, so don’t talk about your ex partners. Don’t moan and say that nobody likes you. Also don’t discuss sex, women find this a complete turn off.

Sometimes the First Date might have been horrible, but you want to give them another chance. People can get very worked up over First Dates, which does affect them. If the Second Date is still strained, then just give up now, and don’t give them another chance. The Second Date is the final chance, and another Date could be disastrous.

Don’t rush straight into physical contact, and limit yourself to holding hands and playful nudging. Don’t skip straight to kissing at the Second Date, perhaps this is more of a Third Date sort of thing. If you rush into things, you will come across as being insincere.

You should compliment your Date, and talk about, where you see your relationship going during your relationship, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the Date to discuss this. Your Date will love to hear compliments.

You should continue doing whatever you did on the first Date. If you held open doors, or pulled out the chair for your Date to sit down on your First Date, then you should defiantly continue doing it on the Second Date. If you just stop doing it, then they will think, that it was all just an act, and it won’t be as impressive.

You should open up a bit more than on your First Date. Why not think up some embarrassing stories to tell your Date, and these will allow your Date to feel much closer to you, because they want to know everything about you, and if they are funny interesting stories, then that’s even better! People like others that can laugh at themselves.

Try to open up on your Second Date, and everybody will be a little nervous on their First Date, which is perfectly understandable. Make jokes about yourself to show that you are a good Sport, and don’t mind laughing at yourself.

Avoid talking about sensitive subjects such as religion and politics, you may not know exactly what your Date thinks about these subjects, and you don’t want to rub them up the wrong way! It’s best to talk about these things in other Dates, the Second Date is not the right time, it would just lead to discomfort.

You should also reference the first Date, remember all of the things that you learnt about your Date during the first Date, and mention that. This proves that you were not only listening and paying attention, but also that you were genuinely interested. It’s even better if last time your Date told you, that they would be doing something, now you can ask them how it went on.

Well, the 1st reason you must talk at length on the phone before you meet him or date him is because you have to find out about his “attitude” about key things in his life, including his attitude about himself and the people in his life. Believe it or not, a guy’s attitude about his life is easy to detect when you talk on the phone once you know what questions to ask and how to read his attitude in his answers

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