The Keys to Maximizing Your Trade Show Display

Trade mxl tv are an essential part of the marketing mix for many companies. Done right, they can be a sure-fire way to increase prospects, new customers, and importantly, sales. Many companies get too caught up in the giveaways, or the trade show contest, and forget the fundamental key to driving ROI from your Chicago trade show display.

“Build it and they will come”. Normally, this phrase does not hold true for many areas of business. However, when it comes to your Chicago trade show display, this dictum will be the key to success.

The design and construction of your Chicago trade show display is the most important area to focus on for any trade show marketing team. It has the potential to not just make your trade show booth in Chicago stand out from the others, but leap out and grab a new prospect’s attention.

The same fundamental rules apply whether your Chicago trade show display is a panel system, truss display, pop-up stand, or fully custom built — Color, People, and Layout.

Color — for the most part, humans are visual creatures. There is a lot of information about color and its associations to our emotions. Red, for example, is thought to epitomize warmth, excitement, speed, strength, and even desire. Yellow, is attention-grabbing, energetic, and is also believed to stimulate hunger. In the same way that McDonalds uses Red (fast) and Yellow (food/hunger), the colors on your Chicago trade show display can play a vital part in communicating your message, enticing visitors to your booth, and eliciting desired behaviors from trade show attendees.

People — it’s a commonly known fact that pictures of people in advertisements catch people’s eyes and help a viewer engage with the message or brand in the design of your trade show booth. Chicago visitors to your trade show display will understand your message and how they will feel when they use your product or service faster if your Chicago trade show display incorporates images of people.

To illustrate, the Apple iPod uses dancing silhouettes having the time of their lives in their advertising imagery. When a potential customer looks at the iPod silhouette, it is easier for them to understand the fun and energy that they will feel when they purchase an iPod than if Apple had simply said “Ipod — a fun and exciting way to enjoy music”.

Layout — this is the last key thing to consider to ensure that you achieve maximum ROI on your trade show display. Your location in the exhibition hall will determine the ways in which a visitor can approach your booth. Ask these questions BEFORE you design your exhibit — does the booth sit against a wall? How many sides can be seen by visitors? What is the main direction of traffic flow?

Asking the above questions is vital to determining where you place your key messages, in turn attracting the maximum number of visitors to your stand. Many companies make the mistake of under-utilizing the back or the sides of the trade show display. Imagine if your side panels brought visitors to your stand when they were on the way to your neighbor; or if you had a call to action on the back of your stand that assured traffic from all directions.

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