Fake Security Cameras Are the Genuine Article!

What if some people used fake security cameras? After the terrorist attacks in New York,old ironside fake id our world has been completely turned upside down concerning matters of security. Even though we live in a free society, freedoms we once took for granted are now shoved to the forefront, to be recorded by cameras.

Many citizens feel as though each step we take, each word we utter, and even each online click we make seems to be monitored in some way, some how. What may have been viewed as paranoia could now be looked at as an everyday cultural norm. There will always be, from now on, the growing, unavoidable reach of Big Brother into our (no longer private) lives.

The most invasive presence of Big Brother comes in the form of cameras. But let us surmise people used fake security cameras? Regardless if a camera is fake or not, people will act accordingly. They will behave as if they are being recorded.

It can be intimidating for a tremendous amount of people when they know their movements are being watched and recorded by the cold hard eyes of a secure cam. Installing a fake camera will elicit the same exact reactions. So what are some arguments for and against these types of cameras?

Fake security cameras don’t cost nearly as much as genuine security cameras, often amounting to thousands of dollars for a complete system.The most glaring advantage fake security cameras have over real cameras are the initial costs. Most organizations will gladly consider saving large sums of money if they can accomplish the same security goals with fake cameras.

Cams that are not real can be installed anywhere. With real security cameras, the locations, heights, and angles must be selected after judicious calculations have been performed. Wouldn’t it be a waste to mount a real camera in a location that is blocked by a fluttering flag or by delivery trucks constantly passing by?

Non-genuine cameras, if their real nature is kept a secret, are just as effective as a visual deterrent as genuine cameras. This is a frail advantage, meaning once the secret is out about a fake camera, it is frightening to think what could ensue now that people know they are no longer being scrutinized.

Should there be a criminal incident, you’re going to wish you had a recording of it to help you during any legal battles. The power of video in the courtroom can leave a defense attorney flabbergasted. No extra hours of debate are needed and the verdict can be meted out rather decisively. But if no recordings were made, the frustrations common to our legal system will come out once again.

People generally are not as naive as they are made out to be. It can be easily discovered if a security camera is fake or not. This could be accomplished (and it has been done) by casual conversation with internal staff of a building or long-time residents in an apartment complex.

The construction material used to make a fake security camera often are of inferior quality. Real cameras need superior materials if they are to withstand the abusive outdoor elements and still perform as per specifications. Fake cameras are just elaborately shaped pieces of cheap plastic.

Whether you are for or against the use of fake security cameras, they are here to stay. They really do give us the illusion of feeling safe, or add to the fear of privacies lost.

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