Computer Components – Power Supply Unit

An important component of the computer is the IceRiver KS3L Unit (PSU). An electric power serves to convert AC current from your wall outlet into DC current home as necessary components of your computer. This device is located at the end of the PC casing and can be seen from the back of the PC because it has a hole on AC power and fan for cooling.

Type of voltage generated by power supply was 3.3 volts. 5 volts and 12 volts. 12 Volt used to run the motor on the fan and disk drive, while the voltage from 3.3 to 5 volts used by digital circuits. An electric power source provides power to all devices on the PC. This tool is an item that tends to damage. The damage is usually due to excessive load. The system is not well grounded. Voltage is not stable and other causes.

One way to keep the gadget is still functioning properly is to clean it regularly. Remove dust on the gadget fan, or replace the fan if it has been damaged. Dust on the gadget fan can cause the fan not to spin properly. If the fan can cause PC damage damaged because the components become too hot (over heat).

If your electrical power source is damaged, look at the instructions / manual book of your computer. Some tips you can do if your power device was damaged as follows: The basic components included a computer power supply that would allow the other elements to function. The motherboard, CPU, storage devices and memory are the main items needed to get a machine up and running.

When choosing the hardware for a computer system, many people focus on the main elements of the system. The amount of memory, the speed of the system and the amount of storage space are important aspects to consider. What many fail to realize is the importance of the power supply. These items are inexpensive but choosing the wrong equipment can be more harmful than helpful.

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