Break the Law, Suffer the Consequence

There is a difference between breaking man’s law and God’s law. You might get away with breaking man’s law but God’s laws are forever. You might think you are getting away with transgressing God’s law but in the end every 法律作业代写 breaker gets judged and punished. The punishment is always befitting the crime. Judgment is swift and truthful.

The same laws exist today that were in effect yesterday and will be tomorrow. When we enact the law today it will not change yesterday but will pass on an enhanced experience for tomorrow. By enacting and correctly using the law it can bring about happiness, peace, poise, power, and prosperity for our tomorrows. Limitation is the result of an ignorance use of the law. Limitation has no status it is merely a circumscribed way of experiencing your freedom of choice.

You must be careful that your thought is not influenced by physical appearances or material longings. Everyone has the power to change their circumstance. But, to have the power is not enough. – you must use it, but not abuse it. With power comes great responsibility and knowledge. You must tune in, since this inner Divine presence and come together in an effective union of cooperation.

He is the supplier you are the deliverer. His word is the law and you enact the law in a partnership of mutual love and admiration. Free yourself from all strife and confusion, understand God is in all and is all. You are of God acting as a free agent as you are able to make free choices. Everything exist for mankind’s experience and nothing functions without enlightenment. All is for the pleasure of God and mankind’s betterment.

No matter how much power God’s word contains, it is of no use without Man’s contribution. It is man that exemplifies God’s existence and transfers God’s experience into the material world. This is not an act of will in any since of the term, any more than to look at a beautiful landscape would be an act of will. True, we must have a willingness but not one to be confused with a demanding determination. We must draw God toward us as the lamp draws the moth.

You must be definitely certain that whenever you are aware of God’s presence there is a right action that follows. Theoretically, you convert things into thoughts and handle thoughts rather than things. Thoughts can be digested in the mind and broken into knowledge where things are material extrapolations. The coloration between thought and material is both are things that can be controlled by the mind.

As we invoke the law it evolves into form and becomes an unavoidable experience. Chose to use the law incorrectly and your experience will be harmful or regressive. Enact the law correctly and your experience will always be beneficial or progressive. If you gain wealth be hurting others you will never enjoy it as you should. A thought or action cannot be against itself. Gain wealth in a positive way and your experience will be positive.

The law is continually in force, we discover it and put it into motion. Being a force, law can only apply pressure and not direction. Law is the law and knows no good or bad, it only knows truth.

All spiritual awaking is for the purpose of Divine realization at the center of our thought and for the purpose of directing the law into a decided action. Anytime a person awakens Spirit and directs its power it is effective, but no matter how great a realization of goodness one has, unless spirit is directed it has no course but remains an unused force.

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