Angola’s Agriculture – The Sleepy, Untapped, Billion Dollar Industry

Angola is a Africa’s largest oil producer, this products has brought millions of dollars to the country on a daily basis for decades; and it is this excess of money that blinded and prevented Angolans from exploiting its agricultural sector which has also millions of dollars to offer.

There are many factors that allow Angola to be considered a sleeping giant in terms of farmland near bangalore in Africa; there is an abundance of large rivers that cross its territory from North to South and West to East, its soil is rich in nutrients and ideal for the growth of many different plants, and its African weather is ideal for farming complete with heavy rainy seasons and hot temperatures.

In addition for the perfect conditions for farming, Angola also has the right amount of customers to buy all the farmed products. With a population of 27 million people, Angola can guarantee a very good return in any agricultural investment.

But it does not stop there. Even though Angola’s agricultural sector is currently being explored at 5 – 6%, some small quantities of products such as banana, potatoes, tomatoes and mangoes are being exported to the neighbouring countries of Zambia, DRC, Namibia and the Republic of Congo.

In this case, we can consider that if fully explored, Angola’s agricultural sector has a market of around 100 million customers, taking into account the millions of inhabitants in its neighbouring countries.

The current situation of the country’s agriculture is very sad. The local markets are being supplied by small scale-farmers. There are only two companies in the country that are making an effort to farm in a large scale, but their range of products is currently too limited.

There are months in Angola when products such as garlic, tomatoes, or onions disappear completely from the market, forcing customers to purchase the expensive imported alternatives.

For a clear picture of the situation, more than 80% of the consumed chicken and beef in Angola is imported. Take a moment and calculate how many millions of dollars are lost just through the importation of a basic product as chicken.

The “beauty” of Angola’s current situation is that for those who are willing to invest in the country, there are no restrictions as to what can be farmed as we basically lack everything. For example, you can invest in the farming of carrots, garlic, lemons, onions, mushrooms, parsley, ginger, or any other product.

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