An Open Letter To Donald Fehr About Steroid Abuse In Baseball

While I do agree with you that congress should not impose buy injectable steroids online with credit card testing and penalties on major league baseball, I do believe that baseball has a responsibility to the fans to police itself. The very integrity of the American past time is at stake. Donald if it is true that the vast majority of ballplayers are steroid free and the current testing policy seems to be confirming that why would you be against tougher penalties for those who are actually caught? Unfortunately human nature being what it is their will always be a small percentage of those who try and beat the system by taking shortcuts.

Donald don’t you as the head of the players union have an obligation to all those honest hard working players to do anything and everything in your power to find and punish the cheaters. Doesn’t the use of performance enhancing drugs by a few reflect on all of baseball? Wouldn’t tougher penalties as in the 3 strikes and your out rule take away the incentives many would have to cheat.

Donald aren’t you concerned that a cloud now exists over some of baseball most coveted records? Doesn’t it worry you when Hank Aaron stands up in front of congress and says if his record is broken by certain individuals their should be an asterisk?

The very fact that a star of the statue of Rafael Palmeiro only the 4th player to achieve over 3,000 career hits and 500 career home runs, could test positive for steroid use a few short months after he swore before congress that he didn’t use Steroids suggest that maybe you do have an issue. Donald why would a man never use steroids through out his career and then during the season where he makes baseball history and only a few months after he swore in front of congress he never used steroids all of a sudden test positive for steroid use.

Donald today before congress you claimed to be protecting that young player who doesn’t know better. The example you used was someone gives something to an injured player’s mom and then the mom gives it to the player only to find out later it is laced with steroids. Donald if you are so worried about your players why don’t you educate them? Why don’t you tell your players not to take any drugs or vitamins or any nutritional supplements with the approval of the players union or their team trainer?

Donald if you want to protect your players and the integrity of baseball you need to work with management for better testing and more sever punishment. You also need to work with management on educating the players about how to avoid being unsuspecting victims of “well meaning” outsiders.

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